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Wonky Onigiri Guy Keychain (B-Grade)

Wonky Onigiri Guy Keychain (B-Grade)

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✦ A face only a mother could love?? These are the B-Grades of my onigiri guy keychain. B-Grade means they are imperfect. 

✦ The imperfections vary widely - some of them are more subtle than others. Some onigiri have a wonky shape, others have small stitching imperfections (particularly near the cheeks), others have slightly loose stitching in the back, some with limbs longer than others, some have tiny dirt marks!  

✦ a small but powerful man who measures 3.5 x 4 inches 

✦ comes with silver metal keychain hardware 

✦ there is a dark blue tag on the back with my name on it but if you don't like it on him - feel free to just cut that off! 

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